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Management Committee Members for the period 2014-2016 :

  • Mr. Tendai Chimuriwo - CZL (Pvt) Ltd - President
  • Mr. Tiri Muringani - Speartec Electrical - Senior Vice President
  • Mr.  Wence Mpofu - Supawalls - Junior Vice President
  • Mr. Gift Godfrey Mpofu - MCD Group Of Companies - Immediate Past President
  • Mr. Noel Mutasa - Global Shopfitters
  • Mr. Francis Mangwendeza - Asphalt Products
  • Mr. Harold Chinogurei - Manifest Construction
  • Mr. Didmous Makanda - G & H Shopfitters
  • Mr. Newton Basera - New Base Construction
  • Mr. Freddy Mathew Chigwida - Formal Construction
  • Mr. Brian Macklin - Floorite
  • Mr. Godfrey Njanike - Njanike Construction
  • Mr. Ngonidzashe Musowe- Tensor Systems
  • Mr. Masimba Chituriro - Chituriro Builders



21.1 Subject to the overall direction and control of Members exercised through their delegates in Congress of General Meeting, the management of the affairs of The Federation shall be vested in a Management Committee, whose Members shall be elected annually in accordance with this Constitution, and the Rules, which shall manage and conduct the affairs of the Federation in furtherance of its stated objects  and in so doing may General Meeting could do or perform.

21.2 The Management Committee shall consist of not less than 12 (twelve) nor more  than 16 (sixteen) members:-

21.2.1 The President

21.2.2 The Senior Vice President

21.2.3 The Junior Vice President

21.2.4 The Immediate Past President

21.2.5 The Chairman of every Regional Committee, established in terms of Clause 28, to a maximum of four (4).

21.2.6 Subject to the Management Committee not being less than twelve (12) nor more than sixteen (16) members, additional elected members, provided these be even in number, who shall be elected and hold office in accordance with this constitution and the rules.

21.3 The President, Senior Vice-President and Junior Vice- President shall not be Chairman of any of the Standing Committee established in terms of Clause 26, they may however be ex officio members on any Standing Committee so established.

21.4 Sixty per cent (60%) (round up) of the duly elected Members of the Management Committee personally present shall constitute a Quorum of the Management Committee. If within fifteen minutes form the time appointed for the meeting, a Quorum in is not present the meeting shall stand adjourned for seven (7) calendar days. If such day shall be a Public Holiday, the meeting shall stand adjourned to the first business day thereafter and those Members of he Management Committee present shall constitute a Quorum.

21.5 The Management Committee shall meet at such times as may be determined by the said Committee, but in any case not less frequently than once in every three months.

21.6 The Secretary shall keep minutes of every meeting of the Management Committee.

21.6.1 At every meeting of the Management Committee, the minutes of the previous meeting pf the said Committee read b the Secretary and shall be signed by the Member presiding after confirmation by the meeting.


22.1 Without in any way limiting the powers conferred upon the Management Committee by Clause 21.1, hereof, the Management Committee is hereby specifically empowered:-

22.1.1 to consider and determine all matters appertaining to Membership of The Federation, in accordance with Clauses 11, and 18, hereof:

22.1.2 to determine from time the subscription, levies and other charges to be paid by each class of Member and the  method of basis upon which such subscriptions, levies of charges shall be calculated.

22.1.3 to incur expenditure and to authorize payment in respect of same.

22.1.4 To land or invest the funds of The Federation or to borrow money, for the benefit of The Federation and the furtherance of its stated objects, upon such terms and conditions as may be deemed fit.

22.1.5 To acquire, either by purchases, lease or otherwise, any movable or immovable property on behalf of The Federation, and to sell, let or mortgage, or otherwise deal with, or dispose of any movable or immovable  property belonging to The Federation, provided that no immovable property, in excess of $10 000, shall beacquired, sold, mortgaged, let or leased for a period longer than five years, except under the authority of a Resolution taken at Congress or General Meeting of The Federation.

22.1.6 To ensure The Federation's property or interests against any risk.

22.1.7 To execute any trusts.

22.1.8 To institute, defend, abandon or compromise any actions or other legal proceedings, by and against The Federation, its Employees or Officials or with permission by a Member for and on behalf of that Member.

22.1.9 To act as arbitrators or to submit dispute to arbitration.

22.1.10 With the exception of Standing Committees, the appointment of which is provided for understand Clause 26 hereof, to establish any other Special or Ad Hoc Committee or Sub-Committee or Sub-Committees, the Members of which need not necessarily be Members of another Committee; to determine the composition, functions, powers and method of operation of such Committees or Sub-Committee subject to the limitations set in Clause 23 hereof, to dissolve or annual any such Committee or Sub-Committee.

22.1.11 To appoint, remove and determine the duties, salaries and remuneration of staff;  to engage consultants or other person from time on such conditions and remuneration as may be deemed appropriate.

22.1.12 Consistent with this Constitution and the Rules, to regulate the serving of notice of, and the form of procedure at all meetings.

22.1.13 To make, enforce, amend or revoke such Bye-Laws as may be deemed fit, consistent with this Constitution and the Rules.

22.1.14 To have custody of the funds and other properly of The Federation and to apply such funds to any purpose in connection with the furtherance or promotion of the objects of The Federation.

22.1.15 To interpret the meaning and purport of the Constitution and the Rules and any By-Laws, on which the decision of the Management Committee shall be final and binding on Members, and Employees of The Federation.

22.1.16 To do, subject to his Constitution and the Rules all other things conducive to the interests and good management of The Federation or the promotion of its objects.

22.1.17 To elect, at its last meeting prior to each Congress or Annual General Meeting and subject to the conditions of Rule Four (4), the President and Senior Vice President for the ensuing year and to determine the time at which they will assume office.

22.1.18 To elect, at its first meeting after each Congress or Annual General Meeting and  subject to the conditions of Rule four (4), the Junior Vice President for the ensuing year. 28.2 hereof, the appointment of Regional Committee Chairmen for the ensuing year.

22.1.19 In the event of any omission in this Constitution and its silent, the Management Committee shall decide, act and/or rule as they think proper.


23.1 Notwithstanding the provisions of Clause 21.1 and subject to Clause 22 hereof, the Management Committee is hereby empowered to delegate to Standing or other Special or Ad Hoc Committees or Sub-Committees the authority to pass Resolutions, for the implementation of such decisions as those Committee or Sub-Committees may make.

23.2 The Management Committee may, at it's discretion, also empower any Standing or other Committee or Sub-Committee:

23.2.1 to pass Resolutions for the implementation of such decisions as each such, Committee or Sub-Committee may make, or to investigate and make
recommendations upon management of The Federation or in furtherance or its stated objects which, must be ratified by the Management Committee.

23.2.2 to implement, or to act upon, any resolutions which the Management Committee itself has passed, provided that such Resolutions are in accordance with any or all of the powers vested in by this Constitution and the Rules


23.3.1 The President or in his absence, one of the two Vice Presidents, or in the absence of all three of them, the Immediate Past President of The Federation shall preside at all meetings of the Management Committee.  In the absence of all these Office Bearers, the meeting shall elect a Chairman, from amongst the Management Committee present, who shall preside at that particular Committee present, whoshall preside at that particular meeting.

23.3.2 all such meetings shall be convened by notice to Members of the Management Committee, served in the manner prescribed in Clause 29. 1, hereof, at least seven days prior to each meeting.

23.3.3 Notwithstanding the foregoing, the President may, at his discretion, convene meetings of the Management Committee upon such notice as he may deem fit. Further, five or more Members of the Management Committee may call upon the President to convene a meeting of the Management Committee by giving a notice in writing to The Federation stating the nature of the business to be submitted to such meeting.


23.4.1 A vote of the Management Committee shall be taken on a show of hands, or at the discretion of the Chairman by Ballot, provided that: when such a vote is taken each Member personally present shall have one vote except that the Chairman, besides his deliberative vote, shall have a casting vote in cases of equality of voting. no Member of the Management Committee shall be entitled to more than one vote irrespective of his attendance at any meeting of the Council in any other capacity, which would otherwise carry with it the right to   vote at such meeting.


23.5.1 The President shall have the power to invite any person to attend and speak, at any meeting of the Management Committee; but no such person may be co-opted to the Management Committee.

23.5.2 The President shall have the power to co-opt any member onto the Management Committee provided that co-opted Members shall not be entitled to vote at any meeting of that committee.


23.6.1 No Member of the Management Committee shall be entitled to appoint an Alternative to attend meetings of the Management Committee and act in his place.

23.6.2 The Management Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy amongst the Chairmen of the Standing Committees, accruing during the year; provided that:- the person appointed to fill the vacancy shall be a person eligible for election to such office. the period of such appointment shall not extend beyond the date of the next  Congress or Annual General meeting.

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